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Our new specials selector is live!

08/03/2022 • Category

After months of hard work from the team, we are elated to present our new website feature, the specials selector.

Coming off the back of our successful launch of previous web features such the 2 click samples ordering tool and the brick and mortar selector, AAB are extremely excited to announce the deployment of our specials selector, which hosts an extensive index of our brick specials, shapes and arches.

Unlike the standard specials brochures, AAB’s specials selector is designed with the purpose of offering our valued customers a way to easily find required building elements through categorising by application and purpose rather than specials types. The result of this further supports our mission to supply a stunning range of bricks, specials and arches in the fastest and most efficient way possible to ensure projects begin when required.

Further key features of the specials selector are case study imagery of the elements in application to give you inspiration when designing your project as well as descriptions of the purpose of each specials type to support the user when choosing their products.

All of our building elements are available in our entire range of bricks, varying in size, colour, texture and tone!

Still unsure of the correct special type for your project? Contact us today to discuss further with our expert team;