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31/03/2020 • Category

It comes as no surprise that the outbreak of Covid-19 has had a huge, life changing impact on the UK as well as the world and AAB are amongst the many to have felt these effects as a team and as people.

AAB constantly monitored the spread of the virus in recent weeks and on Monday 23rd of March took the advice of the government and began a new dynamic for the company with all our office staff and external Sales and Projects Managers temporarily working from their homes.

While this was a big adjustment for day to day life, we were lucky enough to have developed leaps and bounds over the past two years technologically with updated systems, servers, voip phones and processes which made this transition a lot easier and reduced any interruptions we would have seen prior to these changes in 2018.

Apart from software advances, we really must take our hats off to our staff, who have all managed this necessary period of working from home in the same hard working and professional manner they would present in a normal working day.

Our parent company over in the Netherlands, brick manufacturer De Rijswaard Baksteen are also utilising their modern methods of working and automated systems to ensure production is impacted as little as possible, whilst working to the local guidelines.